Reasons Why Pinback Buttons are Great for Marketing

Did you know that pinback buttons are as old as the American independence? Back when George Washington was fighting for the legitimacy of his presidency, he required his supporters to wear pinback buttons that said, "Long Live the President!." Well, even though those buttons used for campaigning were made of brass, the fact that the same concept is still widely utilized today says a lot about its effectiveness in reaching out to people and delivering a message.

While modern pinback buttons are seen and used as a fashion statement, more and more people are now using it to express something, whether it is a political view, protest against something, or simply adoration to a celebrity, individual, company, or sports team. Generally speaking, they are becoming an increasingly popular way to market something.

Here are very good reasons why you must consider using pinback buttons for whatever marketing campaign you plan on launching:

1 - You can take them with you, wherever you plan on going.

Because these custom buttons are literally pinned in your shirt, jacket, or bag, it means you can take them wherever you go since they aren't really a burden to carry or a distraction to anyone. Their small size is a good reason why even big companies are using them to market their brand. If you plan on reaching out to a specific group of people to market your product or service, you just distribute lots of pinback buttons to people and they will market your brand for you through those pinback buttons. Take a look at this link for more information. 

2 - They're very affordable.

Who says marketing is expensive? Well, if you're thinking of using the conventional methods like paid and print ads, then you'll have to spend lots of money for them, obviously. But there are revolutionary and newer marketing tools you can use that don't really require you to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars, and one of them is having pinback buttons custom-made for your marketing campaigns. This is why many politicians running for office use them because they're the easiest way to motivate people to vote for them, especially if they put their face on the buttons and have them pinned in just about everyone in the city.

3 - Pinback buttons are timeless.

And just like we said earlier, pinback buttons go a long way back. But what's even more remarkable is that they've managed to still be relevant up to now and that shows you how timeless they are as a tool to express, advertise, or market something.