Pinback Buttons

When you hear first the term button making, you might not think of the word fun. But it actually is. As a matter of fact, making buttons is an entertaining and engaging experience made more enjoyable by the fact that you'll end up with some useful products once you're done. It doesn't matter whether you're looking to fundraise for a cause, showing support for a person, team, or promoting a campaign, these buttons are going to be a wonderful solution. Read more great facts on  button machine, click here. 

Below, you'll learn about the 3 different kinds of buttons that you can make.

Fabric Buttons

Some of the attachments like keychain, cell phone charm or zipper pull can be turned into a button in personalized novelty item. This is true especially for embroidery shops which can create personalized fabric button to accessorize the item desired.

Pinback Buttons

Pinback buttons have great number of uses both for photo buttons and fabric buttons overlap into such category. But a specific use for pinback buttons is to promote bands.

These buttons have been used for several years and some have grown to become a collector's item, particularly for independent bands. Believe it or not, some rock bands in the 1970s sold in 1 inch pinback buttons along with their name or logo in it. The tradition of using buttons for bands has significantly increased since many more bands are searching for cheap and affordable ways to advertise and promote themselves, show, album or a certain song. For more useful reference regarding  button pins, have a peek here. 

Photo Buttons

These photo buttons have great number of uses and majority of them seem to revolve around the parents in making photo buttons with the pictures of their children. Truth is, if you have been to one high school sporting event, there's no doubt that you've seen exuberant parents that display proudly their daughters and sons with photo button. Truth is, any high school athletic department will be wise to look into these photo buttons as a mean to help in raising funds.

Typically, photo buttons are made with 3 to 1/2 inch, 3 inch and 2 to 1/4 inch buttons. The two bigger sizes are used widely because it provides bigger canvas to work on with. This lets you to put the picture of the student athlete on the photo button and customize the text. A 2 to 1/4 button can get a bit crowded with smaller picture. As for circular photo buttons, using circle cutters are one great way of getting the perfect picture size.